2018 FISU World University Floorball Championship will be held at two sport’s venues:

  • Sport’s Bay – Lodz University of Technology Sports Complex, – Politechniki 10, 93-590 Lodz, Poland
  • City Sport’s Hall MOSIR – Skorupki street – Skorupki 21, 90-001 Lodz, Poland

Sports Bay is Lodz University of Technology brand new sports complex, containing an Olympic- size swimming pool, diving tower and pool, climbing walls, badminton courts and indoor sports hall, which will serve as the primary competition venue during WUC Floorball. The playing ground is 45m long and 31m wide; the seating capacity is 600 seats. The hall is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and broadcasting equipment, suitable for high-profile sports events. The building also houses conference rooms, offices and a bar.

MOSiR hall on Skorupki street, built in 1957 in the center of the city, was for many years the primary sports complex in Lodz. The hall is used as a venue for not only sports competitions, but also various mass events, such as concerts and fairs. The playing ground is 62m long and 37m wide with a wooden floor. Spectator seating capacity is 300 seats. During WUC Floorball, the hall will serve as a secondary venue.

Both halls will be equipped with professional flooring provided by Gerflor.


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